Win a traditional Swiss holiday

Alphorn playing in Switzerland

Alphorn playing ©traviscrawford/Flickr

Having this new campaign launched by the Swiss Tourism Board with a simple and fun competition you can win a traditional holiday to Switzerland. Who wouldn’t love to visit the amazing country of friendly people and beautiful places – especially stunning mountain landscapes… (and especially for free! 😉 )

Maybe the fun video about Aussies visiting Switzerland will encourage you to participate – watch the ad and then click its spot and follow the instructions. A traditional Swiss holiday would include all the best things that come to one’s mind about the country and its people – not only wrestling and dancing with locals as in the video, but also tasting Three Kings Cakes, marching on the Six o’clock ringing parade, attending to Spreitenbach Carnival and playing Hornussen.

How the competition works

To win a Swiss holiday one have to first register to the website of the competition, than will be guided thorough the process step by step, but basically all that is required is to place a flag somewhere in Switzerland.

The flag can be put anywhere in the country: you can mark your favorite place, the place you would most like to visit or your hometown – if you happened to be born in Switzerland.

View over the mountains in Switzerland

Mountain view in Switzerland ©olofw/Flickr

You can actually throw your flag at other people – who also entered the competition – and they can throw their flags at you. Participants will be ranked by the number of times they threw a flag and a flag was thrown at them.

Because of this it is wise to invite friends to the competition – which you can do via Facebook. There might be more people to compete, but also more people you can throw flags at each other with.

A traditional Swiss holiday

So wave your flag and throw it to win a traditional Swiss holiday that you will never forget. You can take a friend or significant other and do the most typical Swiss things one can imagine, having loads of fun in the meantime.

You will, as a start, stay in authentic Swiss hotels and eat local specialties like Kings Cakes. Beside the activities mentioned above – Hornussen, Six o’clock ringing parade and Spreitenbach Carnival – you can also see and try alphorn playing and cheese making, but you will also be taken to city tours (if you get lucky you can see the old town of Zurich, it’s wonderful), mountain trips, watch museums, cheese factories and much more.

Alphorn playing in Switzerland

Alphorn playing ©traviscrawford/Flickr

Do not hesitate to join the game, it is fun, takes little effort and the reward can be huge, a dream vacation in Switzerland. Let me know in the comment section what are the best Swiss attractions you would like to see!

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