The best Swiss Chocolate experience

Sprungli Chocolate, ©Mary-Lynn/Flickr

As all people with a sweet tooth knows that Swiss chocolate ranks among the best on the list of sweets. Sprüngli’s chocolates are produced and merchandized for more than 175 years. Today it is one of the most acknowledged companies in Europe which has a first class product range. Sprüngli products offer the best quality and are also natural and fresh which delights customers around the world every day. Chocolate brings happiness which is due to the cocoa bean’s essential components. Sprüngli works with partners such as Schwy, Lindt, Kilchberg and Max Felchlin. If you happen to travel through Switzerland we recommend you try the best chocolate in the world.

Exclusive High-Quality

Sprüngli always focuses on perfection therefore its products are made of the best quality ingredients and are usually packed, presented, sold and delivered in the neatest way possible.

Sprungli Chocolate Zurich, ©Global X/Flickr

All Sprüngli products are created with the latest technology which is combined with traditional craftsmanship methods. The sweets are produced near Zürich, in Dietikon under strict hygienic conditions and are sold only through the company’s own outlets.

Unique and irresistible

Sprüngli produces unique and irresistible chocolate creations and cakes. The company also makes gift ideas for all occasion and seasonal specialties.

Lindt and Spungli Chocolate Market, ©warrenski/Flickr

They make the world’s best truffles, called the Truffe du Jour which are handmade freshly every day and are very popular. Those who love chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa we recommend the Grand Cru, a dark chocolate creation by Sprüngli which is made from the finest and best cocoa varieties.

100% natural

As it was mentioned, Sprüngli products are of the best quality, they are uniquely natural and also fresh. Highly skilled workers produce them by hand day by day and they use only the most exquisite natural ingredients. Among basic ingredients we can mention butter, milk and cream transported from the region of Zürich.

Sprungli Chocolate, ©Mary-Lynn/Flickr

Renowned Swiss businesses partnered up with Sprüngli, who process cocoa beans corresponding to Sprüngli specifications and recipes.

Best bakery goods and confectionery

Today Sprüngli has more than 1000 employees who daily produce more than 2000 kinds of products. If you are a person with a good taste for sweets we recommend you try the rulers of the market, Sprüngli products. When you visit Switzerland you can stop by at one of the 19 retail outlets, restaurants and café’s of Sprüngli.

Café Sprüngli in Zurich, ©Global X/Flickr

Taste the world’s best bakery goods and confectionery products. We guarantee you will not regret it!

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