Switzerland’s spa towns

St Moritz, photo by aivo2010 on Flickr

Switzerland is well known for its scenic beauty and for centuries tourists from all corners of Europe and beyond have been flocking to its major attractions, but although most travelers end up doing some physical efforts, there are just as many travelers who come to this country in order to avoid effort in any form. It’s possible to unwind and relax in Switzerland like nowhere else in Europe – provided that you visit Switzerland’s spa towns. If you feel like doing nothing at all and just allow your body and your soul to replenish their energy levels, you can do that at a luxurious Swiss spa. After your sightseeing trip or an adventure in Switzerland, be lazy and enjoy yourself at a spa town.

How to get around

The best way to get to the spa towns of Switzerland is by car, either your own or a rental. If you plan on traveling with your own, you must be sure you have the best tires for the road. check out how Michelin is testing their tires and maybe you will choose them if you want a safe trip!

St. Moritz

Although nowadays St Moritz is known chiefly for being one of the most popular mountain/ski resorts in Europe, the town has always been famous for its spas as well. The town was known for its therapeutic spas for thousands of years, and some of the most luxurious spas in Switzerland can be found here. After a day of hiking or skiing, there is nothing better than sinking into hot mineral water, or letting someone massage the tiredness out of your muscles.


Yverdon-les-Bains, photo by rhurtubia on Flickr

Located at the heart of the Jura Mountains, Yverdon is a perfect location for an active holiday spent mostly outdoors. Since Roman times, Yverdon was known for its  sulfurous thermal springs, and by the 18th century it was one of the most flourishing spa towns in Switzerland. The spa is extremely popular, and it is visited by over a thousand people per day.


Vals is a very pleasant little town where one could very well spend a nice holiday even without a spa, but the Therme Vals spa complex (one of the most interesting modern architecture designs in the country) makes Vals even better for tourists. The thermal hot springs have been known for a long time and their health benefits are famous. The town is also known for its excellent sparkling mineral water, the Valser.

Bad Ragaz

Baden, photo by ciukes on Flickr

Bad Ragaz is without a doubt one of the best of Switzerland’s spa towns, and a very popular resort holiday destination. The town is charming and surrounded by typically Swiss natural scenery, and there are several spas where you can pamper yourself with treatments and mineral pools. Many travelers come for the health resorts, but there are more than enough ‘beauty’ spas in town too.


The hot springs of Baden are some of the most famous in Europe, and their curative effects have been known since the Roman occupation of Switzerland. In the 16th century it was already a well known ‘cure resort’, and visited by many famous characters. The main spa is pretty good, but there is a wide selection of spas and spa resorts in Baden.

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