Most tourist friendly lakes of Switzerland

 Lake Zug, Switzerland


For those who are water sport lovers and would like to spend their holiday in a fabulous, panoramic view of the Alpine, Switzerland with its breathtaking natural settings is a perfect spot to jaunt. Here are the most tourist friendly lakes of Switzerland, offering every indoor and outdoor facility with a vast array of attractions that a tourist might wish for. If you are a person who likes water sport activities in the summer and winter sports as well, you shouldn’t miss out the lakes mentioned below to embrace the beauty of the nature offered by this amazing country.

Lake Murten

Lake Murten is situated in the western Switzerland in the Bern Lake District. It is a popular destination for water sport lovers. However there are plenty of other activities by the lakeside, such as tennis end golf courts, beach volleyball, and mountain biking, cycling, hiking, skiing and sledging at winter time. The surrounding towns: Gruyeres, Murten and Fribourg offer daily trips. Take a rest at Gruyeres and taste the famous Gruyeres cheese.

Lake Biel

Lake Biel

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Situated on the western part of Switzerland, it is one of the 3 big lakes in the Jura Mountain area. The most representative city in that area is Biel. Being a popular wine region, there are numerous wine festivals and events presented in that area. High quality wines such as Blanc de noirs and Chardonnay, Pinot noir, Pinot gris, Sauvignon blanc, Gewrztraminer, Riesling are produced in this region. There are exciting cycling tours along the lake, however if you are interested about sailing you should visit the lake from June to September

Lake Walen

Lake Walen is among the biggest lakes in Switzerland. If you are looking for opportunities for practicing some sports you can try: biking, climbing, diving, boating, fishing offered by the lake’s area. The best place for climbing is from Weesen to Amden and the best biking tours are also available in that area. The main attraction of the lake is The Walensee Diving School where you are welcomed to take diving lessons.

Lake Brienz

Lake Brienz


Located north of the Alps it is one of the most tourist friendly lake area surrounded by the most visited towns and villages such as Interlaken, Brienz, Unterseen and Matten.  The area provides a vast array of attractions. Those tourists who decided to visit the area won’t be disappointed because of what they see, lush alpine fields, amazing mountain streams, alpine flowers, thundering waterfalls all contributes to the astonishing scenery. Among to the tennis courses there are popular paragliding courses and helicopter sightseeing opportunities. scooter bikes, canyoning, river rafting, in-line skating, archery, horseback riding, water skiing snowboarding, cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing, winter hiking, sledging, and mountain climbing are all part of the package if you visit the area.

Lake of Zug

Situated on the outskirt of the Alps it is an idyllic lake visited a number of tourists annually. The major city on the lake is Zug, with many attractions such as The Zytturm tower with its astronomic clock, offering an enchanting panoramic view, the churches of St. Oswald and St Michael. Visitors can enjoy the bathing facilities of the nearby Kemmatten Village. Other tourist facilities are the Hnenberg beach with its tennis  and volleyball club. The Reussspitz nature is a highlight of the area.

Lake Lugano

Lake Lugano

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Being a famous tourist spot there are varied events all year around in the area of Lake Lugano. Some of them are: Classical Music Festival, jazz Festival, theatrical performances. The area has a busy nightlife and a variety of shopping opportunities, where you can purchase different souvenirs in the form of craft works and antiques. There is a huge park in the area, named: Lungolago providing a perfect spot for a great holiday. A wide variety of activities can be practiced here like: tennis, golf, sailing, windsurfing, swimming, and hiking.

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