Kid friendly attractions in Switzerland

Glacier Express, photo by soham_pablo on Flickr

Switzerland is the kind of country that doesn’t cater to mainly one age group. If you are an adult in search of thrills, historical or cultural attractions, or if you are simply out to have a good time, the larger cities of Switzerland will definitely have something for you. But adults and young adults are not the only ones who can have their dream vacations in Switzerland. Families with kids will have countless attractions where young and old alike can have a great time together. It’s  easy to find kid friendly attractions in Switzerland, but are the kind of sights that will hardly make the adults sigh in boredom. Check out the following list and prepare for an amazing holiday for the whole family!

Botanical Garden of the University of Zurich, Zurich

Don’t let the fact that there is ‘university’ in the name of the garden discourage you, there is nothing stuffy of overly severe in this place. The botanical garden is a great place to take your kids when you are in Zurich and you need a change of scenery from all those elegant streets and shops. The garden is beautifully organized, there are lots of greenhouses with exotic plants, and most importantly, animals that kids love: turtles, deer, and goats. There’s also a large carousel for children.

Maestrani Chocolate Factory Tours, Flawil

photo by talk2santosh

If you are in the mood for a tour but you’re afraid that your kids might get bored, you only have to take them on a chocolate tour to give them something to talk about for ages! Maestrani chocolate factory in Flawil is the perfect place for children to learn about the manufacture of chocolate, where the ingredients come from, and how they are prepared. Of course, there are tastings included, and you can load up on chocolate at the factory’s shop.

Swiss Vapeur Parc, Le Bouvet

Kids always end up loving miniature parks, perhaps because everything seems to be downside in order to fit them and for once they can pretend to be giants. In any case Swiss Vapeur Parc is a very popular miniature park that has been open since 1989 in time for the International Festival of Steam. There are several steam locomotives with small trains in the park, as well as miniature railroad bridges and landscapes. Some of the trains can be ridden by kids, which is great fun!

Glacier Express

photo by Sudhanwa.. on Flickr

Trains are rarely interesting unless you are traveling on something similar to the Orient Express, but the Galcier Express from St Moritz and Zermatt is guaranteed to entertain you.Despite the name, the train is one of the slowest in the world, which is just as well, seeing as the main point of the trip is to admire the majestic snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps. The scenery is beautiful, and both adults and children will enjoy the trip! The Glacier Express is more than a practical way of getting from one resort to the other, it is definitely one of the foremost kid friendly attractions in Switzerland.


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