Top 7 free places to visit in Zürich

Altstadt in Zurich, ©Francisco Antunes/Flickr

Zürich does not lack natural beauty and culture and thus visiting this wonderful city usually is not cheap. Actually, Switzerland’s standard of living is the highest world wide and the country is also one of the most expensive countries in Europe which means that if you want to go low-cost, you must do some research beforehand.

For everyone’s gratification there are many options. Here you have a few tips, what you should see when you visit Zürich. All people are entitled to get acquainted with culture and that sometimes is for free.

St Peter’s Church

Churches are usually free to visit and most of the times they are worth visiting. St. Peter’s Church is a building from the 7th century, also the largest of its kind all over Europe and it is very easy to find and recognize.

St Peter’s Church at night in Zurich, ©RussBowling/Flickr


Another must see that does not need dry out your purse is the Altstadt. You can stroll along cobblestone streets, walk past religious sites. For the lovers of modern culture, we recommend to stop by Bahnhofstrasse and peek into the most popular shopping area in town, in case you have a little money to squander.

Altstadt in Zurich, ©Francisco Antunes/Flickr

Paleontological Museum

Dinosaurs never get old! If you feel excited about reptiles and paleontology visit the University of Zürich and its Paleontological Museum where you can find the world’s most famous saltwater fish and marine reptiles from the Triassic period. The specimens collected around the south of Ticino provide valuable information about life forms that inhabited our planet many years ago.

Spielzeugmuseum (Zürich Toy Museum)

This small museum, situated in a very old part of the city makes home to many antique toys, brought from all over country and Europe. The facility is ideal for kids and grown-ups who deep inside can still find the child or just like to be nostalgic. The whole collection can be viewed and browsed through in an hour or so.

Botanicher Garten

A flower at botanic garden in Zurich, ©Qtea/Flickr

Are you a big fan of plants? Then you must visit Zürich’s botanic garden called Botanicher Garten. The establishment lies on 53.000² m. It was opened in the district of Weinegg in 1977. The garden has more than 9.000 different plants and it is opened from Monday to Sunday every day until 6pm.

The North American Native Museum (NONAM)

Formerly named as Zürich Indian Museum, now called the NONAM has on display Native American artifacts and art from the northeastern woodlands of America, the arctic and sub-arctic region, the southwest and northwest coast.

The Centre Le Corbusier

The facility is located on the lakeside of Lake Zürich in Zürichhorn Park. It is a striking and modernist structure that was thought out by Heidi Weber, Le Corbusier’s patron. The collection of the museum includes architectural works, paintings, sculptures and writings.

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