The best restaurants in Zurich

photo by Tracis Crawford

Zurich is a cosmopolitan city with so many things to see and experience, not the least of which is the amazing Swiss cuisine. What is unique about Swiss culture (and cuisine as well) is the propensity for incorporating bits and pieces borrowed from its neighbors: Italy, Germany, France. This is what makes Swiss cuisine so unique: the freedom with which different traditional recipes are combined and reworked into something typically Swiss. Dining in the best restaurants in Zurich is an adventure for foodies and for regular palates as well – it’s impossible not to find something you like even if you usually prefer to stick to fries and steak!

Lindenhofkeller Restaurant

What’s better than an excellent restaurant with over 600 wines? Well, and excellent restaurant with an amazing view over the Limmat River. Lindenhofkeller  is one of the most popular and stylish restaurants in Zurich, and has been so since the 1860’s. Everything on the menu has a distinctly Swiss touch, and every dish has a wine that can complement it. If looking through the list of hundreds of wines sounds tedious, the staff will be more than happy to help you.

Adler’s Swiss Chuchi

photo by Julien Haler

Adler Hotel is one of the most prestigious establishments in the city, and their restaurant is on par with the accommodation. Some might complain that is is too touristy, but the dishes on the menu are an excellent introduction to Swiss cuisine. Simple, traditional dishes like raclette and fondue are excellently prepared!

Zunfthaus zur Waag

After a tiring day of sightseeing in the city center, dinner at the Zunfthaus zur Waag is the best possible end to the day. The service at this restaurant is famously good, and the menu never fails to deliver. Traditional local dishes are a must-taste, but if you want something other than Swiss cuisine you can try one of the more unusual delicacies like coconut-lemongrass and red curry soup.

Brasserie Lipp

There are many Swiss dishes that have a distinctly French feel, and there is no better setting to savor them than at a Parisian-style brasserie. Brasserie Lipp in the city center is a stylish locale is a real Zurich institution, so tables tend to be fully booked if you arrive without making a reservation.

Giesserei Oerlikon

photo by avlxyz

The Giesserei is not your run of the mill restaurant, and that much is obvious from the moment you step foot inside. This high end restaurant was actually set up in a former industrial building, so the decor is an unusual and very interesting combination of visible pipes and peeling walls with luxurious velvet curtains and soft candle light. The menu is delightful, if not exactly affordable.


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