Must see buildings in Basel

Basel's South Bank on the Rhine


Being tucked on the northern part of the country, Basel has been known as the gateway for many travelers from France and Germany. However the city is overlooked by the most of the tourists and that is why it is not mentioned among the most visited cities in Switzerland like: Bern, Zurich and Lucerne.  The city of the Rhine has a wealth of cultural and historical heritages ,that are worth to experience it. Basel offers a beautiful sight, involving the tourists into the Old town heritage and the very modern city sight.  Take a look at our  must see buildings in Basel post and  do not miss out to visit them when you are hanging out in the city.

The Münster Cathedral

Münster Cathedral


This imposing building with red sandstone walls, twin towers and patterned roof belongs to the most fabulous buildings of Basel. It was built in 1019 in Romanesque style, however after a devastating earthquake the cathedral was rebuilt and followed the Gothic features. If you go up to the towers you will find an enchanting scenic view that the cathedral offers. You can have an amazing panorama at Basel’s Rhine River and the neighboring Black Forest of Germany. There is a monumental slab honoring to Erasmus of Rotterdam who died in Basel.




Located in the main market square of Basel, this vibrant red colored building is a worth seeing construction in the city. It was built in the 1500 s, but since then it underwent a long process of extension. The building is beautifully decorated with frescoes located in the inner courtyard. Although there’s not a lot to do around the Rathaus except shopping, it is just a perfect spot for sightseeing.




It has one of the largest art collections in Switzerland, containing works of most famous painters such as Cezanne, Van Gogh, Picasso, Leger and some of the works of the German expressionist painters. The museum it also owns the largest collection of works of The German Holbein family. Its Renaissance collection is represented by the works of Konrad Witz,  Mathias Grünewald, Lucas Cranach, Martin Schongauar and others. It is ranked among the most visited museums of Switzerland.

Spalentor (Spalen Gate)

Spalentor (Spalen Gate)

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Situated on the west side of the old town, it is the most prestigious from the surviving city gates in Basel, which stood for the fortifications that surrounded the city in the 15 century. Its walls are over two meter thick and the highest tower is over 40 meters high. Its gate is adorned with wonderful glass tiles.

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