Engadin and Its beauty, Guarda

Swiss Engadin


Engadin is a long valley lying at the southeast of Switzerland. The upper part is 300km long (Inn valley). It has some highest mountains of more than 1000 metres mostly in the Bernina Range. In the Swiss Alps, Graubünden is the largest canton of more than 7000 square kilometres. It shares the borders with Ticino, Uri, Glarus and St. Gallen. Besides her international neighbours Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein.

Two main parts of Engadin are namely: Upper Engadin and Lower Engadin. The latter is from Zernez to the Austrian border, while the Upper Engadin is from Maloja to Zernez. The Lake Sils is famous for windsurfing.

Lej da San Murezzan

Lake St. Moritz also known as Lej da San Murezzan is smaller than both Lake Sils and Lake Silvaplana. However, there are very interesting Polo matches called “White Turf” held on the lake every January and early February. As the name implies, you can watch the wealthy betting  and drinking champagne. Other sports enthusiasts are mostly into skijoring, a winter sport usually with skis pulled by a horse (equestrian skijoring), by dogs or even a motor vehicle. In 1928, it was a demonstration sport at the Winter Olympics.

Guarda is the most beautiful village of Lower Engadine. Standing high above the valley on a sun terrace is what you can expect. This village dates back to 17th century and has maintain its original appearance.

St. Gallen 

The main attraction next is the Abbey of St. Gall, it is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and renowned for its library books dating back to 9th century! Otherwise, St. Gallen is your gate to Appenzell Alps – mountain range.

Swiss Gastronomical Experiences

With four different cultural zones, Switzerland is one of the best places to offer you its most interesting gastronomical experiences. Since you are already going for the world’s most beautiful place, you ought to have a taste of the cuisine on top of these Mountain restaurants. How you can’t go wrong: pick any one of those with a breathtaking view of the Bernina peaks.

Switzerland, Raclette

Raclette ©rthakrar/flickr

There are other historical yet secluded eating places with a stunning views of the lakes. Ambience guaranteed and great for second honeymooning and wedding anniversaries. Alternative suggestions include eating places which were from converted cowshed that dates back to the 16th century. You should order the Swiss specialties such as fondue and raclette. Try the hay soup, Alpine honey parfait with red bilberries and Polenta.


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