A guide to Basel's nightlife

A guide to Basel’s nightlife

The beautiful medieval town of Basel doesn't rank quite as high on the list of Switzerland's tourist attractions as it deserves, but few people who ever visited this underrated destination have ever regretted it. Not quite as glamorous or as expensive as Zurich and Geneva, Basel has a down to earth charm and plenty of culture and history to show off. Basel probably has more museums than any other city in Switzerland, and it hosts a world famous carnival that can easily rival the carnival of ... [ read more ]

A guide to Zurich's nightlife

A guide to Zurich’s nightlife

Although there are some exceptions to the rule, a traveler looking for a good time and a few drinks should head to the capital of the country she or he is visiting. When it comes to Switzerland, this rule definitely applies, because Zurich is one of the most exciting nightlife hotspots in the country. This cosmopolitan city might seen a bit too glamorous and fancy for the ordinary traveler, but actually you can find every imaginable sort of drinking establishment on the winding streets of Zu... [ read more ]

Lucerne nightlife spots for party people

Lucerne nightlife spots for party people

Lucerne is small, quaint and pretty, near a lake and several of the most compelling natural sites in Switzerland, like Rigi Mountain or Rutli Meadow. For anyone who's in love with small cities, Lucerne is a haven of peace and quiet in the middle of beautiful natural scenery. But what about those travelers who like their share of sightseeing, but still feel like going out and getting crazy in the evening? Lucerne might not seem like much of a nightlife hub in the daylight, but despite all app... [ read more ]